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Coedpoeth, Wreham

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I write, sing, dance, play guitar and bass (well learning to). Design tattoo's. Watch tattoo's being done (not meant to but i may wanna do it wen im a bit older). Going out with my mates and meeting new people.

Hmmm my moods change all the time, im never sure how im gonna feel wen i wake up in the mornings. even the girlsa at work are worried incse i come into work in a bad mood lol. :).
But overall i aint that bad lol. Anyways lets see what you think of my poems wen i write more eh.

C ya's

x Gemma x

About My Navel

erm its pierced it has been for nearl 4yrs now lol. um its an inny and tis just plain cute lol :)

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Wen lifes at its lowest poibnt where is there to go but up?


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