Monthly Archive for July 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Uncle Danny Poem lostandbroken 1 Jul 30th
She's Just A Beauty Queen Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Don't Deny Me Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
He's With Me Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 30th
I'm Drunk and I Wanna Go Home Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Some Other Day Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Hurt Me Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Here In My Head Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
I Don't Want Love Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Let Me Give My Heart To You Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Let This End Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
ALONE Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Hurts to Dream Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Suicide: Bidding the Last Good-Bye Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Suicide Note: I hope To Stay and Never Part Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
My Fear Poem lovelymissrai Jul 30th
Goodnight Polaris Poem icifan Jul 30th
"DONT leave me hanging!" Poem Nediot 3 Jul 30th
بُعدٌ وليل Poem Nibras Abstract Jul 30th
The Greater Plan Poem quadxbard 3 Faith Jul 30th
My Pain Poem quadxbard 1 Lost love Jul 30th
shuffle Poem significance_of_2 Jul 30th
Deafening Silence... Poem sleepyangel 1 sadness Jul 30th
Bipolar Poem 41tulips Jul 31st
Chesire Cat Moonlight Poem 41tulips 2 Jul 31st
Time To Confess... Poem amy_howard friendship Jul 31st
The Reason... Poem amy_howard love Jul 31st
Class Meeting Poem blumentopf Jul 31st
MAYBE Poem chris 1 Abstract Jul 31st
IT'S A LONG STORY Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 31st
Radiant Moon Poem cozzy20000 Insomnia/Restless Jul 31st
For Eyes Of Blue Poem cozzy20000 Hidden Love Jul 31st
The Moment Poem cozzy20000 Lust Jul 31st
Ecstasy Poem SkyeTheBard Jul 31st
Hate or Pain Poem Aloris choices Jul 31st
Who I Am, Who I Was, What I Will Poem Aloris Existence Jul 31st
"Shadows" Poem honey811 1 Jul 31st
" Live Life " Poem honey811 1 Jul 31st
A Less Tragic Beginning to a Less Tragic Ending Poem joelcarter_86 love Jul 31st
PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION TO EARTH Poem kittymonkey 1 Abstract Jul 31st
Dark Feelings Poem ladydragus Jul 31st
Dust in the Wind Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 31st
Is It Okay? Poem lovelymissrai Jul 31st
It's Like... Poem lovelymissrai Jul 31st
Conflicted Poem PoeticParable_S... 2 Jul 31st
To live or die Poem Nate Jul 31st
حوار دمعة Poem Nibras Jul 31st
I guess I’ll have to let you go Poem ozzypoemgirl Breaking Up Jul 31st
My Take on LaRae's Poem "You're Worth It" Poem pamschwetz 1 Jul 31st
Feelings Change So We Have to Rearrange Poem pamschwetz 1 Jul 31st
CASTLE Poem paradise Jul 31st
building the castle Poem rashmiitz Jul 31st
Goddess of a Broken Heart Poem taken_angel122804 Lost love Jul 31st
no response Poem voighdt Anger Violent Jul 31st