Monthly Archive for July 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
I write about you Poem ardy Human Nature Jul 23rd
sitting here Poem ardy Jul 23rd
free to show our love Poem ardy Jul 23rd
music soothes the soul Poem ardy 1 Happiness Jul 23rd
wasteland of snow Poem ardy Jul 23rd
I can't stop loving you Poem ardy love Jul 23rd
hold you like the west wind Poem ardy love Jul 23rd
your gone forever Poem ardy Lost love Jul 23rd
I love you Poem ardy love Jul 23rd
happiness in writing Poem ardy Jul 23rd
a true friend Poem ardy friendship Jul 23rd
you bring me to god Poem ardy Jul 23rd
When We Touch Poem Megsamoo00 Sexual Jul 23rd
OCEAN STORM Poem chris Children Jul 23rd
NO, I DID'NT GO TO BED TILL THE SUN CAME UP Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 23rd
The Music of a Wooden Wheel Poem daniellachep Jul 23rd
*NOT COMPLETE YET** Blinded Within Poem dhoomedprincess 1 death Jul 23rd
i miss Poem dhoomedprincess Memories Jul 23rd
music to my punk rock ears Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Abstract Jul 23rd
Passed out pain Poem dhoomedprincess Breaking Up Jul 23rd
Your Anger Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Acceptance Jul 23rd
Perfect World Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Breaking Up Jul 23rd
Choke yourself Poem dhoomedprincess Anger NonViolent Jul 23rd
I guess Poem dhoomedprincess Breaking Up Jul 23rd
helpless victim of mine and yours Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Sexual Jul 23rd
a quick note Poem dhoomedprincess Acceptance Jul 23rd
My Best Friend Brian Poem dhoomedprincess friendship Jul 23rd
Of Shame Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Pain/Sorrow Jul 23rd
I would rather Poem dhoomedprincess Irony Jul 23rd
What they told me to expect Poem dhoomedprincess jealousy Jul 23rd
my words Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Betrayal Jul 23rd
Epistle on Cosmic Unification Poem elham Jul 23rd
I can't, I just can't Poem fighter4life obsession Jul 23rd
Silent Noise Poem geministar 1 Happiness Jul 23rd
Not A Trip, But A Lifetime Journey Poem geministar 1 Decisions Jul 23rd
You're Fine Just The Way You Are Poem geministar 1 Strength/Courage Jul 23rd
Heaven Sent Poem geministar 1 Jul 23rd
LUCY GIRL Poem gentle 1 Pets/Animals Jul 23rd
O Heavenly Rain Poem gentle 1 Beauty Jul 23rd
The Guy Next Door Poem honey811 4 Jul 23rd
Grey Sunday Poem humanpulse Jul 23rd
My Dream. Poem icewolf7 Jul 23rd
"I Knew a Boy Once" Poem jade_moon Jul 23rd
he knows Poem jaggedlttlepill 2 Abstract Jul 23rd
'05 Medicated Creations* Poem Joel Jul 23rd
'05 Sentimental Cotton Poem Joel Jul 23rd
'05 It's In the Air Poem Joel 1 Jul 23rd
My Little One Poem joelcarter_86 Hidden Love Jul 23rd
Magkarugtong man ang pusod Poem kyoksil Poetry/Writing Jul 23rd
His family Poem liltigg10 1 family Jul 23rd
Coffee with You Poem lilwinky Coffee Jul 23rd
Internet Addiction Poem lilwinky Addiction Jul 23rd
There You'll Be Poem lostandalone 1 Jul 23rd
Fly Poem lostandalone Faith Jul 23rd
"why would i?!" Poem Nediot Jul 23rd
Untitled -- 7.23.2005 Poem nighthawk21 Jul 23rd
Eye of the storm 5/29/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Someday. 6/23/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
The Sorrow 5/26/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow 1 Jul 23rd
Don’t try too hard. 5/31/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Don’t. 5/31/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Like a bullet in your head. 6/3.04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
The end is the beginning. 6/4/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Little Black Dress. 6/20/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
A phone call. 6/20/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Lust and Violence. 6/21/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Blackness. 6/22/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Mind of a Suicide. 6/25/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 23rd
Plans Poem ozzypoemgirl Other Jul 23rd
Say it Poem snhobo Abuse Jul 23rd
To B Poem tekno Jul 23rd
The Living God Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 23rd
Heavenly Light Poem tullia_mays Jul 23rd
Another Invisible Girl Poem tullia_mays Jul 23rd
Rescue Me Rescue You Poem tullia_mays Jul 23rd
addicted Poem vilbe 1 Jul 23rd
Therapy (Until the Tears Stop) Poem wishful_thinking Jul 23rd
To me... Poem amy_howard friendship Jul 24th
alcohol Poem ardy Jul 24th
Over Time Poem BackstageMom Jul 24th
Shadows Of The Past Poem BackstageMom Jul 24th
Confusion Poem BackstageMom Jul 24th
Priceless Betrayal Poem BackstageMom Jul 24th
Xeralie's Tears Poem BackstageMom Jul 24th
Abortions are Murder Poem BackstageMom 2 Jul 24th
Zero To One Hundred(Thanks) Poem beautifulpain 5 Jul 24th
Fire It Up! Poem beautifulpain 4 Jul 24th
Turn the page Poem black_rose180 Memories Jul 24th
Death of Common Sense Poem blumentopf Jul 24th
Daddy Gone to War Poem boobzieanna 1 Heroism/Heroes Jul 24th
WHAT'S BEHIND THE CURTAINS? Poem chris Children Jul 24th
DRAGONS AND CASTLES Poem chris Children Jul 24th
LOVE (ALL YOU NEED, ALL YOU WANT) Poem chris Children Jul 24th
WHAT'S BEHIND THE CURTAIN PART II Poem chris Children Jul 24th
WHAT'S BEHIND THE CURTAINS II Poem chris Children Jul 24th
Still Poem deathflavoredgum Jul 24th
Oversight Poem ers Jul 24th
Tune out the Noise Poem ers Jul 24th
I would never Poem geneconner2008 love Jul 24th
"A BEAUTIFUL ROSE" Poem honey811 2 Jul 24th
"FORGIVENESS" Poem honey811 1 Jul 24th
A Terrible Fairytale Poem joelcarter_86 Anger NonViolent Jul 24th
Painting on the Wall Poem kiss_yo_luck 1 Imagery Jul 24th
TurtleDove Wings Poem ladydragus Being Loved Jul 24th
As good a friend as you Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Jul 24th
when i am gone Poem liltigg10 Jul 24th
Four Years. Poem lovelymissrai Jul 24th
Dissapointment Poem icifan Jul 24th
Untitled -- 7.24.2005 Poem nighthawk21 Jul 24th
Comments from the Peanut Gallery Welcome Here Poem pamschwetz 3 Jul 24th
* Shallow Tears :*( * New Poem Poem poetvg 1 Jul 24th
Mother Earth Poem rairai 1 Jul 24th
Her Castle Poem rairai Jul 24th
Black Heart Poem rairai Jul 24th
It Ended This Way Poem snickerdoodles 1 Jul 24th
mind freak Poem stitch5150 Fear Jul 24th
Dear First Poem Mrs_Setliff Jul 24th
Sweet Dreams Poem Mrs_Setliff Jul 24th
Cold Rain Poem Mrs_Setliff Jul 24th
What They Say Poem Mrs_Setliff Jul 24th
i won't 4get.. Poem Addisonluka Jul 24th
no gudbye.. Poem Addisonluka Jul 24th
nicknames.. Poem Addisonluka Jul 24th
stay away I love Poem ardy Goodbye Jul 25th
one true love Poem ardy love Jul 25th
passion for home Poem ardy Passion Jul 25th
to the lord Poem ardy Jul 25th
a life given to crack Poem ardy 1 Abuse Jul 25th
alcohol Poem ardy 1 Addiction Jul 25th
why to fly Poem ardy Compassion Jul 25th
!!! المعزة بالقلوب !!! Poem asaihati Jul 25th
*my far away star* Poem brokenangel17 1 Jul 25th
Lesson of Inky Obsession Poem daniellachep Imagery Jul 25th
I'll never hurt you again 9-17-05 Poem Deathscompanion8 Jul 25th
Sweet memories of love Poem elham Jul 25th
Fallen Poem exthias1983 Awakening Jul 25th
Still wouldn't love you Poem fighter4life religion Jul 25th
Raging Calm Poem follow_the_knyht Jul 25th
Email Reflections Poem hmousley Jul 25th
Wasted Day Poem hmousley Jul 25th
Claim Poem hmousley 1 Jul 25th
Good Time Poem hmousley Jul 25th
? Poem icewolf7 Jul 25th
The Price To Pay Poem idontlikeyou 1 Jul 25th
Until I find her Poem kiddo_catastrophe 1 Jul 25th
searching Poem kwiley472 Jul 25th
You're gone Poem kyoksil sadness Jul 25th
If Poem kyoksil Song Lyrics Jul 25th
My Romeo Poem kyoksil Song Lyrics Jul 25th
I Love You Berkeley.... Poem lilwinky Tributes/Odes Jul 25th
From Faraway Poem lonelylove Loneliness Jul 25th
You Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
My Dear Heart Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
You/ From Faraway Poem lonelylove marriage Jul 25th
What is but a Rose? Poem lonelylove Abstract Jul 25th
A promise to be kept Poem lonelylove 1 love Jul 25th
The one Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
A Love Forever Poem lonelylove 1 love Jul 25th
From Faraway I love Poem lonelylove Fear Jul 25th
Together Forever Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
Always and Until Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
Stand Still Poem lonelylove Loneliness Jul 25th
Questions of love Poem lonelylove love Jul 25th
Me Poem lonelylove Acceptance Jul 25th
Foolish Poem lostandalone 1 Abuse Jul 25th
Two Weeks Poem lovelymissrai Jul 25th
Forever Lonely & Sad Poem lovelymissrai Jul 25th
*through Poem mystik134 Jul 25th
21/7/2005 Poem Nibras Jul 25th
همس Poem Nibras Jul 25th
These tears will not fall... Poem niltak Jul 25th
You Proved Nothing. 6/26/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Epitome of Loneliness. 7/1/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
The Woman is the Child. 7/2/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow 1 Jul 25th
One Last Answer. 7/6/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
July 13 2003-2004. 7/13/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Dreams of You. 7/14/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Someone to Love. 7/14/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Disposable Dolls. 7/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Dust. 7/20/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Can’t promise the world (not dated). Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
------8/1/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Thank You. 8/3/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Helter Skelter. 8/12/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Advice. 8/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
The longest night. 8/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Till death do us part. 8/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
-----9/10/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
----10/7/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
The negatives. 10/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
----10/16/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
Rebirth. 10/23/04 Poem n_joy_n_sorrow Jul 25th
For my perfect guy Poem ozzypoemgirl love Jul 25th
The Night of the Evil Poem sacrifice Dark Jul 25th
The darkness within Poem sacrifice 1 death Jul 25th
Forsaken - I Poem sardarkhan 2 History/Past Jul 25th
Turn The Pain Into Heaven Poem wishful_thinking Jul 25th
Recurrence Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
First Sight Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Manhunt Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Confirmation Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Sojourn Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Glory Days Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
A Fugitive Piece Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Storybook Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
Disclaimer Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
I Just Did Poem adriannemerideth Jul 26th
My Utter Serenity Poem amy_howard Apathy Jul 26th
Unholy Love Poem arecreed 1 Jul 26th
my time Poem blissfully_yours Jul 26th
stray dogs bark too Poem blissfully_yours Jul 26th
In The End Poem blueeyes confusion Jul 26th
Give me a chance Poem brokenalive Jul 26th
Unfinished Poem brokenfairy Jul 26th
LIFE IS NOT STANDARDIZED Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 26th
YOU CAN BE MORE Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jul 26th
THE PARKERS Poem chris 1 Abstract Jul 26th
Riddle 1 Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Jul 26th
Riddle 2 Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Jul 26th
Jot notes ( Poem deethepoet Jul 26th
My Hidden Secret Poem dhoomedprincess 1 Abstract Jul 26th
Cause & Effect Poem elham Being Loved Jul 26th
Absolving the Air Conditioner Poem enuminous Acceptance Jul 26th
Like an angel Poem fighter4life friendship Jul 26th
Foundlings Poem hmousley Jul 26th
Cabal Poem hmousley Jul 26th
Tally Poem hmousley Jul 26th
Six a.m. Poem hmousley 1 Jul 26th
Predictable Poem hmousley Jul 26th
I would Walk Like Water Droplets Poem hmousley Jul 26th
"Rollercoaster" Poem honey811 1 Jul 26th
"Gloom and Doom" Poem honey811 2 Jul 26th
Face in the Crowd Poem jecantz 1 Jul 26th
the beach Poem kinky_dominatrix Jul 26th
Whispers(....) Poem kinky_dominatrix Jul 26th
porcelin souls Poem kinky_dominatrix Jul 26th
NEW AND OLD BABYLON Poem kittymonkey 2 Abstract Jul 26th
Tulad ngayon Poem kyoksil Song Lyrics Jul 26th
You Poem kyoksil 1 Song Lyrics Jul 26th
It was I Poem kyoksil 1 Acceptance Jul 26th
Make it clear Poem kyoksil Song Lyrics Jul 26th
Sana Poem kyoksil Song Lyrics Jul 26th
Di tayo magkaibigan Poem kyoksil 1 Breaking Up Jul 26th
Now you sleep Poem kyoksil death Jul 26th
My shattered dreams Poem kyoksil sadness Jul 26th
Questioning Myself Poem lonelylove Jul 26th
Change Me Not Poem lonelylove Acceptance Jul 26th
Lonely Love Poem lonelylove Jul 26th
Why Hold On? Poem lonelymemories 1 sadness Jul 26th
The Little Girl Inside Poem lonelymemories 2 Dark Jul 26th