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The superficial, self absorbed, materialistic, hedonistic, masochistic and selfish need not to read any further - Get ta step-in' to your own world. Only real, folks, please. I don't tolerate shallow people; as it annoys me to have to deal with them!!!
Since I am retired!!! I Live Hip Hop... I love rap music, and R&B! I listen to music 24/7, and will even do it when I watch TV... Yep, it is my mind, and I choose what I allow in, and out of it, so I can do both at the same time! In fact, I love most kinds of music that appeals to my spirit.
God has abundantly blessed me with many talents; one is to love poetry, music, inventing things, and I love to sing! Reading and writing is sharing its spirit with me. I feel that I ‘m basically a positive person. I am the youngest of three siblings, a brother who has graduated (deceased), and two living sisters. I am a baby boomer who's blessed to have her mother still with me. My two dad's are also graduated (Bio & Step-dad).

All my children are very talented, and you shall hear all about them in the future I am sure… I am the proud birth mother of two fine children, a daughter and son. God, and my biological daughter blessed me with four beautiful grandchildren three boys and one girl. My biological son has blessed me with two grandson's. I also have 14 adopted grandchildren via 4 adopted daughters! I love all my children dearly. They are my true treasure, and my riches...

God and my family are the centers of my life. I consider all children to be really mine they are our treasures and hope of the world! It does truly take a village to raise a child. I am the one who inspired Hillary Clinton’s book title!

About My Navel

I am so proud of my navel-
It is an inney-
It would not be so deep if I were skinny?
It is kept so
nice and clean-
You know what
I mean?
There no lint in there, and
When it is sniffed, it smells of dove bar, so
fresh and clean, you know just what I mean...
I love it so, it is my inny navel ya know! It is part of this body...
A tummy tuck may remove my navel, and take it away, but I can always say, " I loved my navel anyway"!!!

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Don't worry!
God always has a ram in the bush!

You always have had the power to do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthenes you... Don't give your power away, or let anyone take it away....


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