everlasting love?


first day of school

he feels all alone

he has to walk back

but nobody's home

weeks drag on

he still feels upset

but that all changed

the moment they met

but that wasn't the first time

that they saw each other in school

but he was too weird

and she was too cool

they were in two different worlds

but their worlds started to collide

they started to talk

until they had nothing left to hide

he fell in love

but she said please stop

he asked her why

as his tears began to drop

she said it was too weird

and he didn't want to agree

some nights he cried so hard

he couldn't even see

he waited for her

through out the whole year

but at the end of the 2nd quarter

he thought he shed his last tear

but then she came back

as the center of his life

he felt like his heart

was being pierced by a knife

he had no chance

seeing she had a boyfriend

but he said he'd wait for her

until the very end

but now he is confused

and he has no where to go

but he hides it from her every day

just so she wouldn't know

complications stop him

from telling her what he had always wanted to say

which is the fact that he waits for her

every cold and lonely day

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