Come sailing through the seven seas and blow is blowing through the breeze

Follow the leader and row the boat

Welcome my friend remove that plastic coat

Losing your lid and taking off your cap

Cashing my credit here in my lap

Crushing my dreams with each Norse of Thor

Rushing it seems as I turn into the whore

My strange little viking, make me white again

Make me see the way I used to see a friend

Make the world again to discover

Let me rape and pillage the lover

Take me higher to see the line

Let me know that I am mine

I am in control, I am from the land of ice and snow

I will pay the toll, come on Vike lets go

In Hail

In Hail

In Snow or sleet

The Viking, Hiking travels by feet

A Trip

A Trip

The White Moutain looms

But my spring will spring when I am in Bloom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Hale the Viking will Sail, All whited out with powdery snow.  Don't Trip

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