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Playing guitar, Taking Photographs and writing Inspirational things.


I'm Sardar Muhammad Obaid Khan and I'm a resident of Pakistan. I've been interested in poetry since childhood that's because my father and elder sister both are poets. I've written articles on social, political, historical, cultural, philosophical and religious issues and other than that I'm a Human Rights Activist and a student politician. I write poems in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Potwari/Hindko. I go by the pen name of "Hakim" in Urdu poems and sometimes in Punjabi, Potwari/Hindko poems as well. I hope you will like my work.


Sardar Muhammad Obaid Khan (Hakim)

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Failure is a word unknown to me. -M.A Jinnah-

God gives and forgives, man gets and forgets.

Laugh and the world is with you, cry and you are all alone.

If you cant get what you like. Like what you can get.

A Strong man stands up for himself. But, stronger stands up for others.


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