Innocence in the dark,

Attacked from behind,

The stench of perfume,

The sound of palm against skin,

The feel of pain in my face,

Whips me around to face the attacker.

?Leave me alone.?

Air leaves my lungs,

Oxygen does not replace it,

Asthma? does not feel like this,

Fingers that clutch long nails,

Dig into the flesh of my neck?

She?s trying to kill me.

?Why did you hit my friend??

The voice from another,

Invades my ears,

Sense fills my brain,

My neck jerks but the hand follows,

My body jerks free of her grasp,

I live.

?if you fucking touch her??

I think now it?s time we got out of here,

Traffic lights will serve us no good now,

Voices from behind, screech and bellow,

Our legs make us walk,

In the direction of our intended destination,

The other side of the road.

?Get her! Go on! Get her!?                              

My neck has lost free will,

Jerked back,

My scalp is in pain,

Jerking, I begin to run,

The wind rushes past my head,

I hear and see nothing? this is reflex.

?We need refuge?NOW!?

My body stops, the reflex is over,

My body trembles as footsteps fill my ears,

It is you.

I?ll feel safer inside,

The door is unlocked for us,

We rush up the stairs.

I am safe now.

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