Post Paul

I've lived my life but on a whim

I've loved to walk and so to swim

I've had a chance to own the dance

I've liked to sing as the crowned king

I've owned my fortune and sown my love

I've taken nothing for granted from up above

See me in the way they move,

The busy things on earth

See me in the precious stones

and all that they are worth

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

So when you look unto the sky

You'll get to see my smiles and laughter shinning on by

I left too early I've left too soon

But I am a shooting star that shines among the moon

Don't you know that I was picked and purpose I have found?

Everything I want to hear is recreating sound

There is no time like time today for everyone else to see

That my life was lived and given for the people who love me

If I die before tomorrow comes creeping up that hill

Know that I am still a soldier fighting for God's will

And I have given hours and time to see my life is fit

To leave behind the tulmults of years and all that I aquit

I am but a summer

I am but the rain

I am four seasons endless

and sidestep all the pain

I am free of crutches

I am free of rent

I am ever watchful

The wrestler in the tent

Isreal and me have made peace come true

Michael has been teaching me how to fly

and cry out, "Who is like You!"

Namesake is my guide pushing on by

Daniel's been my judge and Peter lets my fish

My home has been compromised but this is all my wish

It will do me well

I will serve to do

It was all in the making

every chance is worth taking

I love you all

My love is true

I miss those games We've played and all that we can do

When you see the colors off a C.D. from the sun

Think of me and tell someone that I have been the one

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam so that you can always see

That colors smile and for a while nothing gets the best of me  

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in case of an emergency
love in action

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ahh paul-- i couldnt have said it better myself, no seriosuly lol i couldnt have