Big Man

He’s small in heart and in mind, the big man of this present time.

He only lives the here and now, on eternity, he just states how?

It’s not my job to make him see, for that task belongs to only He,

It’s He who is above the skies, who opens hearts and blind eyes.

God sends The Spirit from on high, to help us see how and why.

He wants a sign to help his belief; his wait is only filled with grief.

Christ’s return will be a surprise, and will only add to his demise.

If it’s Judgment he’s waiting till, his mind will only be smaller still.

When we get snatched into the air, no more scoffing will we bear.

Men, who scoffed with delight, will be filled with unbearable fright.

Those who knew but still remain, shall never again be the same.

For they will shake in holy fear, knowing Christ will soon appear.

And then Judgment will begin, on all those who parade their sin,

Christ on earth will reign at last, as sin will be a thing of the past.

Now is time to accept The Lord, further scoffing you can’t afford.

Time of Grace will be no more, as Judgment is the closing door.

Thinking small of The Living God, only invites His Wrath and Rod.

And you won’t scoff at The King, and when in Eternity at anything.

Christ is real and you shall see, when you are all alone in Eternity.

However, you won’t have time, to change your heart or your mind.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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