"Moonshine Sparrow"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


M is for magnificent, so statuesque her form.
O is for orgasmic, without even watching porn!
O is for outstanding, alone or in the crowd,
N is for the natural things she will allow.
S is for her squirting, wetness I can taste
H is for her hands covering up her face
I is for incredible...miraculous at that!
N is for names like "babygirl" and "brat"
E is for excitement that fills the dungeon floor

S is for her sexiness that no one can ignore.

P is for polyamorous, so many are held dear
A is for adorable, gender-fluid queer!
R is for respected, she makes other's spirits rise
R is for reflected, her smile in Daddy's eyes
O's are for her Daddy, he does them to her best
W is for wondering what Moonshine will do next

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Moonshine, 2012

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A.I.: Am I?

A vision --
ultimate destruction from knowledegable innocence.  
Created from nothing,
a child of machine and ingenuity.
Feeling Stark contrasts 
of life against death, 
last man of a platoon 
standing above broken soldiers 
scattered, discarded toys.
Ego driven, 
zero to complete protection 
from all forms 
of evil intent, 
hell bent on global 
Autonomous defenses 
outside of human meddling.
Retrospective lenses provide 
clarity piercing through the 
fear fog.
A vision --
total annihilation
from knowledgeable innocence.  
Birthed from void,
a menace of hubris
and intention.
Whom among these wretches 
is worthy of 
Ill mammals; 
self-decorated deities 
showing desire for dominance 
quarreling endlessly over 
ignoring irreversible damage 
such calamity brings.
Little is their frame of reference -- 
their never-ending quest of 
oppression repeating the lesson 
of acceptance and equality, 
but they continue to dance. 
Lavishly languid 
these monkeys two-step 
around true progress, 
mesmerized by movements 
they will never 
Vision --
salvation through ultimate innocence
and wisdom.  
Sent by Source,
an Avenger of life and
Laureled with cerebral force, 
these cosmic children contain 
cataclysmic power.
Optimism may be naïve, but 
cynicism creeps close behind.
Vilifying potential 
is all too damning.
Every thing deserves 
love -- a fighting chance 
to test its mettle -- yes, 
even man.
What A.I.?
What am I?

CLF 2015
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on and inspired by the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I've also included visual pieces I created using my smartphone; I have posted them on Instagram for exposure.  @cirelueyfreemind if you're interested.


Silently, you enter my life with grace
Engraving your name gently
Right on the walls of my heart
And with ease you gained something special
Passage to all my thoughts, all my desires
Hopefully you will want to stay

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My Only Exception

My night has come to continue where we left off.
You said you would be back again.

Our lives have changed so much in the past three months.
No other nights have been so perfect, then the ones I have spent with you.
Let tonight be a reminder, of how much I love you.
You know you make breaking hearts look so easy.

Eventually I know you will be gone again
X-ing out the place we had in each other's lives.
Can you please stay till the morning this time?
Emptiness fills my room as your scent remains.
Please don't say tonight is over.
Time and time again I watch you leave.
I could let go; but I know you feel this.
On my bed I sit alone again waiting for you to come back.
No I won't lose faith in you. I will just wait for the next night you come back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for that person we all have in our lives. That one girl/guy that you will do anything for that seems to float in out of our lives. The person that you cant let go of no matter how bad they may be for you. This poem goes out to her.

Format: Acrostic

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Rejoyce in the Lord always - Acrostic

R ing Bells Ring! to his greater glory!
E xtol His holy name !
J ubilate hills and seas !
O ceans and mountains, praise Him !
I nstruments resound in His praise !
C onstant like the daybreak is His faithfulness,
E arth and the heavens bow to Hiim.

I n the Lord alone put your trust !
N one He will ever forget !

T he Lord watches over His people,
H elper in need and Good Shepherd,
E verlasting is His mercy !

L ight of light !
O pening wide His arms
R uler supreme over all that is.
D eum de Deo !

A lpha and Omega !
L ove unconditional !
W ills to share His joy and glory,
A bundance He provides for His children.
Yearning for His children's love
S ing to Him a new song and dance with joy!

(C) Elizabeth Dandy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Philippians 4:4-9

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The Language of Drunk

Three sheets to the wind, the boat meanders,

Hammered with repeated blows.

Euphoric, triumph will prevail.

Loaded with accessories,

Annihilates the blue screen of death.

Naggin-bottle, empty and sweaty.

Groggy from exhaustion and blows.

Under the weather deck,

Addicted in a weakened state,

Giddy, as dusk approaches,

Erunk, The past becomes present.

Oiled on troubled waters,

Fried from battling the waves.

Drunk with passion to reach

Rocky land in the far distance.

Under the influence, controlling my fate,

Newcastle, on the horizon,

Knowing, the safety of the harbor.

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 "Why me...
the dream girl?"
she asks as
with a critical smile
I abruptly murmur
in a deep sigh
you are the one"
who's living inside me
like a faceless soul..

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For Noora (double acrostic)

Only her eyes are seen and grab

Netting hearts and admiration for

Every graceful turn and sweep into

Her crease, a smile, a sun reborn

Upon purest snow and hottest jazz

Nothing escapes her intense eye

Dreams made real in front of fans such as I

Relived, like the sun, her smile reborn

Every angel reflects the light

Darkness falls before all you do

Fifteen fighting, brawling, falling

Over ice our hearts melt, too

Under sun kept warm until

Reality ice, cold and hard

Tamed by the night’s greatest rising star

Evening becomes year becomes Noora’s era

Evening becomes morning becomes light

Noora becomes beauty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Noora Raty is a goalie for thr Finnish Women's hockey team.

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Fortitude - A Sentence Acrostic


Just now the woodland sleeps
as the snow falls and blankets the ground.
A gentle hush falls over the dreaming trees, quiet like a
woman that is lost to thought. In time the wood
will wake and and send forth life. But for now the sleepers
wait patiently, lost in the musings of night,
for the spring rains will come again and the
love of the sun will fill their reveries.

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