2005 or older

Now can you see me crying on the inside?

My eyes they bleed with reflections of you

In my puddles of life, my soul is breaking

Shattering under this uncontrolled disaster

A broken dream that's running away from me

I sleep alone underneath clouds of black

A storm above my head as I lie to you

And this eternal pain dares not subside

A voice that's whispering underneath twilight

This place in my heart still empty with desire

Misunderstanding, haunting me inside

These needles going through me I cannot breathe

The darkness holds me, takes me in

The shadows cut me, I'm bleeding black

The knife that kills me ends this lie

Of this eternal darkness kept on the inside

The pain or pleasure, this evil game

That enters me slowly and tries again

To prevent this emptiness locked inside

To destroy my dream to run away again

Then again I see the disillusions

The torture says that I'm alive

The reasons empty, just one lie

That still kills me slowly, eating me from the inside

And as I try to run away

I see your face as I turn to shadows

The mirror shows me my true reflection

This ugly creature you turned me into

And now times fading, empty lies

I?m returning to nothing, as it is time for me

To tell you all I've been holding back

To reverse this offer of eternal black

A fake voice calms me, against my will

My reflection shatters I no longer see this pain

That's kept me here for all these years

I no longer have to bleed again

And now the voices return and the past is blank

Like the long wasted hours of our love, I've been betrayed

Once again I'm truly lost in this

Darkness in the shadows can you see me?

So you take this knife and split me open

My flesh is burning underneath this candle light

You burn my body, eat me alive

And rape my corpse as I can do no more

This pain is eternal, this blade is thin

You kill me over; watch the blood soak my clothes

You steal my soul and wear it as your own

So you can continue living as long as you will

You ripped my heart out, took my blood

And now you want to bury me alive

This hell you've created is nothing more then

A tortured soul that has been eaten again

So now the soul fire consumes me, eternal black

The innocence in your eyes has faded again

And my soul is broken, my body clean

As the voices kill me and guide me to hell...

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Dan Wilson's picture

To me that even when you write something when you are angry, the poem itself is never angry, it's always sad.

Royko's picture

'Tis a beauty of your work, Rain. A pleasure to see such emotion put into this poem, one can not describe how well it is put out. Words, are not enough to begin to describe how well this poem goes, or how deep. I beleive this is one of your better works. Please correct me if I'm wrong.