These are the days of summer

do what we can to make them last

As for the nights of summer

fridays are fillin up fast.

sporty bikinis, and hot tan lines

garage sales, and car wash signs

sunburns and drunken nights

ah, yes this feels right

flip flops and flirty shirts

hip hugging jeans and mini skirts

that little promise to, watch your weight

yea right, summer food's much too great

pina coladas, and citrus fruits

those little umbrellas are oh so cute

get new sunglasses and cut your hair

then laugh when the cute boys stop and stare

sitcom greats, and talk show reruns

go to wonderland, go on rides, have some fun

Summer night parties, summertime flings

maybe ull find a cute musician, who can actually sing

camping trips and boating rides

swimming pools and the huge water slides.

These are the days of summer

let's hope they last.

as for the nights of summer,

let's just say theyll be a blast.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

woot summer

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