Valley of Peace

God can help your heart to climb, a special place of peace of mind,

Up to that special mountain top, where all your worry seems to stop.

You let all problems roll behind, as you journey down the other side,

Down to a valley below of peace, where all your burdens truly cease.

This can be at The Savior’s feet, where our peace is made complete.

So cast your burdens on to Christ, who died for us to have New Life.

Peace, Christ wants to fill you with, as your New Life in Him you live.

And this New Life you have in Him, removes the burden of your sin.

Christ enables you to live each day, through The Spirit, on the way.

Powered by The Spirit of God, He protects you on the path you trod.

The Spirit gives you peace in life, that was attained by Jesus Christ.

In a trial, just call upon The Lord, and your burden won’t be ignored.

When you are upon a weary hill, your heart, with peace, He will fill.

And Christ’s peace will not stop, even after your feet reach the top.

For as you start back down the hill, His peace remains with you still.

Christ will never leave you friend, not even when you reach the end.

Soon you’ll be in the valley above, surrounded by His Eternal Love.

With no more weary hills to climb, as you enter a new world sublime.

Eternally in the presence of Christ, as He leads you into Eternal Life.

In the Eternal pasture of The Lord; guided by His Love forevermore.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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