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Harrogate, Tennessee

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Playing, listening to, and writing music. Self-taught guitarist (no, I don't suck... too bad. lol)

I'm getting ready to be a Senior at Cumberland Gap High School. I'm 17 years old but people always tell me I look younger than I actually am. At times I guess I act younger, too. lol. I'm a musician, a fairly decent guitarist and a pretty good trumpet player, too. I'm first trumpet in the school band and I guess sometimes I let it get to my head. Not meaning to, of course. I love to show off when I know I can. I love attention. I like it when people like things I've written. Not just poems and stuff, but my music too.

About My Navel

Hmmmm OK let's see... Its an innie. It didn't used to be as deep as it is now, its like sunken in or something. lol

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''When the words stop coming out, the music finally stops,
Pound my head against the wall, my bubble has been popped''
-''Hooray for Me'' by Pulley


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