C'mon and Shove Me

Rewrite of Kiss' C'mon and Love Me


He's a beater

Sure as hell ain't never been a romancer

Night after night

I've gotten sick of his Capricorn

Raping me just like a cancer

He saw me in a XXX magazine

When he met me

Said he'd teach me

Bruised my lips and told me that never again

Would he let me

Raised his hand to me, oh baby

This is what I said


I said, baby, baby

Try it

Just once

And I won't hesitate

Cause I ain't a lady born to wait

Honey, you won't ever bring me down to my knees

Try and do what you please

But be ready for a fight

The fight of your life

C'mon and shove me


Looks like a mna

Acts like a spoiled little baby

Yet here he expects me

To act every inch the lady

Is he crazy?

You bet your ass he is!

Good lookin' don't always mean

A woman can expect good treatin'

Should have stayed distant

Instead I believed

Let him slip nearer

And now as I look at my battered face in the mirror

I know

Tonight when all the lights are out

I'll make sure

Come the morning

To me or any other

He never again raises a hand


So, big bad daddy

Don't you think for a minute

I'll hestitate

Cause I was't born a sucker

To just sit around and wait

Honey, you'll never take this one down to her knees

So try and do what you please

Just be ready

Ready for the fight of your life

C'mon and shove me

C'mon and shove me

C'mon and shove me

C'mon and shove me




C'mon and shove me

C'mon and shove me

Loverboy if you dare


2013 Ramona Thompson 


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*grin* That's perfect. I was

*grin* That's perfect. I was going for exactly that. A metal/rock feel. 

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I read this while listening

I read this while listening heavy metal playing in the background. Really worked for me in that genre.

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