kiss this love*


this is my sswan song

I soon I will be gone

there is nothing here

I need to hold on


the sslipping tides fell short of the wreckage

you have not sseen my love


I bid you adieu and with this final kiss*

I drown with my glorious crown

made of dried crystal tears

and cubic zirconia love


there is no escaping this end

its written in ink

you dont live in my sstatusphere anymore.

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thisisme789's picture

That's a beautiful poem

That's a beautiful poem Ssweetie! But you sure as hell better not be going anywhere! Pardon my language!!


eternitywhispers's picture

its beautiful.. hope always

its beautiful..

hope always finds its way around so hang on :)

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Nay to swan songs! You must

Nay to swan songs! You must stick around... At least here in poetry land. (Liked the write though. <3)

Copyright © morningglory

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Holy Swan Song, Batman!

Just stepping outside for a while to feel the cool breeze is all, right. To go, perchance to fade, is not your option. Not yet. Like the poet said, stay in poet-land. We pluck and eat swans here :) - Lady A~~