lost soul

I felt her persence from across the room,

as i looked up i seen her, starring back at me,

we locked eyes for a moment,

as she turned to leave, she glanced down,

too witness the paper that lay before me,

she stood there with despire in your eyes,

her only words "your a lost soul"

I pounderd over and over, what did she mean by that?

it came too me one day as i was contiplating my own life,

i started thinking of small things, random things,

I realized what i been looking for was in front of me all these years,

I remember our talks, not the words that were spoken,

but i remember being there for one another,

i remember running too her as a child, as a friend,

but never took the time to notice the connection we had shared,

life would eventually get in the way,

school came and went, , people move on,

we didn't speakor see each other in afew years,

but looking back I realize the connection we had,

now this connection wasn't phsycal,

this was something more, something with soul, something i dont think the human mind is able to understand,

its something a lot bigger then we can ever imagine,

make sense?

the thing is, i realize now shes right,

i am a lost soul

the soul hwever already knows this, sometimes it just needs reminded,

regaurdless of what her mind and heart may say at this very moment,

she too, is a perfectly broken soul, that as lost its way,

perhaps we both know this at one point, but had to seek deeper turths in order too under stand,

that we are two perfectly broken souls, looking for nothing more but each other

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i know this is prob. a mess..im tryin to collect my thoughts.. and also tryin to understand something..

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oh this is so beautiful! your

oh this is so beautiful! your grammar, spelling and punctuation... a hot mess but who am I the dyslexic to talk! mine is a mess too! but this. no, this is from the soul. and it is perfect. its all you. and its all true. it is incredibly romantic and you definately have some great poetic skill as a writer. your contemplations and linking of thoughts and experiences and time together are very good! I think your work is coming along nicely! when I write its such hard work i get lazy with the rules because I always have to go back and check and recheck. but these are all learnable things I look forward to your greatness! well done! I really enjoyed this work~ SS

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i dont know what to say about this.. thank you and yes its a hot mess english class wasnt a strenght of mine.. and this was just me tryin to collect my thoughts and clear my head.. its poetry its art there are no rules.. have fun and be creative... i have enough problems over thinking and over analyzing things.. just have fun and do your thing