Spirit Chaser

I want to reach out and touch you

Have you sit beside me

Feel the warmth you carry

I will dig my heels for you

So fear will not send me

for another time running.

The name you carry

Haunts the doors of my heart

Always a result of ignorance

is the pain of a love lost

for greater pain awaits

with but only a small chance of ecstasy.

Yet my heart beckons me

A ghost on a cliff

demanding to be followed.

here i am

shooting downwards

Still there

I cant touch the ground

because my heart wont let me

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Well, you certainly captured

Well, you certainly captured my spirit for a few moments. Enjoyed the read... :)

Copyright © morningglory

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beautiful! LOVELY  and

beautiful! LOVELY  and romantic but in a strong masculine way! I love it! well done look forward to reading more!

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