Casting Shadows

(Heavy Guitar intro through two measures, then fade to soft with drums and bass soft)


I'm right here Lord where you found me, bent down as I prepare my light.

I'm looking around, but there's something wrong with my eyes.

So many people around me falling to the ground.

Sometimes I feel like they only see shadows when I'm around...


I stand up still holding my light. They don't even seem to notice.

Being still, just staring into the light. I can't see what's behind.

Then I turn around, and they are all staring at me...

because I'm the one that's turned blind!!!


(Everything heavy to start the chorus)


I don't want to spend my life casting shadows around me!

Please God show me once again how to see!

I'm casting these shadows to all I love,

and all that can save me is heaven up above!!!


(Heavy guitar solo which turns into a dual guitars solo)


I'm spending my life casting shadows all around me!

Please God show me once again how I can see!

I'm casting these shadows to everyone I love,

and all that can save me is the Lord God above!!!


Casting shadows isn't how I should be!

It's becoming clear again I see!

Stop casting shadows now to everyone you love,


(guitar softens)


...because you never know when they'll be called by God above...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine sent me a message on facebook asking if I could collaborate with him on some lyrics because he had read some of my stuff. I have had writer's block for a good whikle now, and I think this just conquered it! PRAISE GOD!!! All of the credit goes to the Lord above!

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