Cold Water Dream of You

I saw you in my dream

It hurt like i thought it would

I thought the bleeding had stopped

But your smile would not allow it

Now i am awake

And all the memories of you

Seem like candy fiction

That i cant put down

I feel that my heart will rot

Yet I still remember something real

I hated to see your worried face

I do not think i would have made it

Always scared,

Pretending to be strong

I could not be what you needed.

I would have failed

This truth i know

Yet my heart feels otherwise

Love conquers all

But there are so many kinds

What love had I

Not the love that fights for itself

I had the love that knows of endings

My heart expected to break

From the first time you held it.

I think whether i should have hidden it

Tucked behind the wall of faces

Given you a false heart

But that is not the way of hearts

And I am all heart

Another broken thing to mend

Something to give me depth.

Im drowning in the deep waters

For I have swam so far

That none can see me

Flailing in the dark.

My arms are tired

And the water is cold.

Your warmth is gone

Yet I am lucky that the sun still shines

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