The Influence

I see you keep everything inside. 
You smile. Trouble hidden within your eyes. I see through you. Transparent. You make it apparent you do desperately need a parent. You talk to keep yourself out your mind. People hate you for the mistakes you made. The choices and problems you create. Then suffocate in your own head. You secretly seek dread. You push everyone out. I see you have no where to hide. Possessed by your own demons. You acknowledge and accept the hate for your own reasons. You feed off of anger and your a master in deception. Manipulation the cause of your tribulations. You seek love just to destroy it. You burn bridges to keep your body from freezing due to your frozen heart. Waste of flesh. Sick. Insane. Loving the taste of your own blood. You seek a permanent bed to lay in. Insanity taring you apart. Drugs jump starting your heart and temporary raising it from the dead. Wake up all these illusions are in your head talking to strangers in your sleep. You beg them to Tell you where to go. Lost in your own mind. You rely on outside judgement to tell you are fine. Burning from the inside out. Cutting out things you hate within yourself. Boarding up your lost loves and burying them within the past as you set fire to your memories. And let the flames destroy your home. Only pictures remain of the entity that you are that removed your sanity. You chase forgotten dreams that set sail when you lost your mind within yourself. Somewhere in your head your sanity is on the shelf. Until you find it. I'll just stare into this mirror and tell you what I see staring back at me.

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