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Well I am a bit of a dreamy person, and i believe that my only best friend is imagination...
If you ever connect to my poems, it would come as a bit of a surprise...but if you ever do, then you have become my friend and you understand me...

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It's an innie <3 And I don't get the point of this question, but hey a tradition is a tradition so here we go...

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If you ever want to have a litlle talk, feel free to message me on post poems, or you can e-mail me on this:

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I love daydreaming...
I love poetry and spend a lot of time wrapped up in my fantasy, lost somewhere in my imagination.
One of my biggest inspiration is Adam Young, better known as Owl City or Ocean Eyes...he has inspired me to believe that dreams don't turn to dust...

If you have actually bothered to read this far, then well...thankyou :)


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