my big sorry


Room lead
Yall really make me sick
I just want to hit yall with a stick
I really do like you
I remember when yall took care of me when I had the flu
Some stuff I don’t like
I’m tired of these dumb fights
I understand  if yall want to kick me out of the room
But not next week that will be  too soon
I know what I did last week was very wrong
The talk I had with staff was oh so long
Forgive me
Forgive me
That’s all I’m trying to say
Jesus died on the cross so we wouldn’t have to pay
I’m not sucking up , that’s not my thing
I just want us to be a team
Leah I didn’t like when you threw away my rug
And I always get find for that stupid tub!
Tabby there’s nothing to say
I just feel you dislike me each day
I’m asking for yall not to touch my stuff, and I will do the same
I know yall might think this poem is really lame
I don’t know how else to get this out
Maybe we should talk, instead of pout
Juts forgive me
Like I forgave yall
So let’s get this right and not deal with MRS. HALL J

Author's Notes/Comments: 

college life . i said sorry in a poem 

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