She was always sitting there.

                        She was there during the day.

                      She loved to talk to me, when

                                  I did play.  

                         She was sitting there at night.

                            A real delight. 

                         On nice days, we went outside to play.

                  She was good to everybody in the neighborhood. 


                  She told me stories of her life.

                    Her childhood.

               It was good and fun.

            She never wanted it to be done.

               How she did grow

        All that she did get to know

               All that she did see.

        It was so much for me.

                All the places she go

                 A mother and a wife.

              She had a great life  


    When I could'nt sleep at night

          She would take away all my fright.

      Sing me a lullaby and then I would close my eyes. 

                  as she did sing.


              When she died.

           It was sudden a shock.

       My dad could hardly talk.

         He just said she had gone away.

   That we would no more play.

   Tears from my eyes, and I cried

     Asked why.

    Why did she have to go?

     Nobody did know.


             See, with me

         it was not fine.

          It was her time.

        There was still so much

        I wanted to know

       It was not fair, that she would no more be there

  in the rocking chair.


                      I still remember the creaking.

                      I still remember the squeaking.

                      The wood smell; one I know so well.

                    It was so good.

               Years have gone by.  Tears have gone by

          We sold her place.

             I can still see her face as she is sitting in the rocking chair..



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