Nebuchadnezzar’s Experience

God's Sovereignty

Nebuchadnezzar’s Experience


Oh that God would work again, in many hearts of prominent men,

Putting in all, a Nebuchadnezzar fear, in their hearts, far and near,

That they’d lift up The Eternal Lord, in nations where He’s ignored,

Declaring that a nation’s true worth, comes from God of the earth,

The Lord God Who is over all, nations and leaders, big and small.


Nebuchadnezzar was just a man, who was used within God’s plan,

As king of the Babylonian Empire, he thought, no one was higher,

Lifted up, being filled with pride, nothing to him, would be denied,

A proud leader that truly thought, everything by him, was wrought,

With that pride, being his fall, for not acknowledging God over all.


Nebuchadnezzar had change within, as the Lord God humbled him,

Driving Nebuchadnezzar far from, his earthly majesty and kingdom,

Through Daniel God had revealed, he would be driven into the field,

Far away from majesty and feasts, he ate and lived with the beasts,

Seven years, living off the earth’s sod, until he acknowledged God.


Towards The Lord leaders are aloof, denying Him by denying Truth,

Never acknowledging The Lord, like Nebuchadnezzar, He’s ignored,

If God would humble a leader today, like Nebuchadnezzar that day,

God, not leaders, would be exalted, with even godless ways halted,

As their fear of God brings change, so men exalt God’s Holy Name.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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