A Season of Wonder..


A season of wonder, good cheer and delights, a time for giving, makes everything right

Peace to all, it just seems, a fantasy snowman, can brings good things

Decorations, on the trees, a spiritual feeling, we feel indeed

This time of year, coming together, family and friends, happier than ever


Singing hearts, glowing lights, this winter feeling, makes it right

People moving, here and there, a time of blessings, takes us there

Why it’s so magical? We all love dear, it’s plain and simple, this time of year

Laughing smiles, all around, so much goodness, that I found


Peace we say, let’s follow through, merry Christmas all, a new year too

Joyful the season, let all things be bright, a greeting hello, can make it alright

Giving and sharing, straight from the heart, the best you can do, make it an art

This holiday festival, let it begin, with love in your heart, up to the end..


dm  copywrite  2013

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