Love'em or Kill'em

Insignificant specks swirl around a blue ballon

Water on the back porch trickles

Black TV's have no sabbath day

I want to play

Can we get started on insinuating a race war

Or I swear I've misplaced my constitution

But then again who needs a conscience

When theres no right direction.

You'll see

Is Technology not the death of the soul?

Better stronger faster, ease of access.

Control is something to be perceived.

Loss will cause panic.

IQ tests, stemmed from eugenics.

Born in America, adopted in Germany.

Sterilize for the good of mankind.

A superior race; but alas, always slaves.

No matter the color.

Forever succumbed to guile indoctrination.

Say hello to the automatic industrialized yes man of tomorrow.  Today

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a mix of 2 pieces thrown together.  not that good i admit, but the message stands.  The world is a beautiful ugly place.  As long as we still see colors we're doomed to repeat history.  Can't you see though?  How the american media tries to incite racial hate.  Eugenics = bad juju. 

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