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reading,theatre,my kids the company of other people

Hello there my name is Lisa i am happily ( maybe ) married with two children. I work in a social work department, its enjoyable, i like working there. Im happy to have found this site as i love writing poetry. I have never thought my poetry to be of any interest to anyone which is why i dont often share it, except with my eldest son, who must be getting bored of it, lol. I loved the poetry on the site especially by some particular people as i enjoy reading insightive, intelligent and sensitive poetry. I am greatly enjoying being a part of this poetry sharing as some of the poetry i have read on this site is amazingly grasping. Keep up the good work everyone. I am currently living in Glasgow, and was born and raised here. I have four brothers and three sisters so, as you can imagine, my upbringing was pretty hectic. I am kinda in the middle of my siblings age, so i can always see things in different dimensions. Never mind, just across the farm across the road, lies Leverndale mental health hospital! lol.

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Like a valley, deep and wide
With surrounding ripples i often try to hide. lol.

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I wish i could fly but i aint got wings.


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