Fistful of Silver.





For a fistful of silver

They duped the public blind

Swallowed huge empires of commerce

Then asked the public to be kind.


Give them gold and rubies

And they will turn it into stones

Give them snippets of truth

And they will throw it into Rhone.


Our lords guardians of public purse

Now lining their pockets with greater mirth

And drafters of morals & of public taste

Making vast empires without due haste.


And guardians of aesthetics or of art

Has as much taste as the next tart

As far as public is concerned

Lead by its idols in feathers & fern.


They cry and weep in collective rite

Orchestrated by media contributors of blight

In public sprawls or in the sporty flight

Eased by the day, delighted by the night.


Flickering screens or goggled up eyes

Bereft of any originality or individual life

Every thing is commerce between You & I

Geared up to the laws of demand and supply.


Hollowed brains which sing and rattle

Gossip columnist abide in eternal tatter

And our lives are glorified in empty prattles.


Directors of finances or the company lords

Collectors of pictures and all that sort

Multimedia lords of primitive times

Writers of screens readers of crimes

Rich lords of pools or of sinewy flesh

Spreading their tentacles in spidery web.


Tap any phone or some illustrious directory

For names of mortals or some respected notary

While animals suffer in tortures or die

Life is cheap her there is plenty of supply.


Survival of fittest clever and crofit

All relationship are meant here only for profit

Drinks in delights, pleasures in simulator

Whole life get geared in common denominator

Art only here now for commerce deadly or fake

Things of past gone now no more art for art’s sake.

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