How Great Is My God

When we're born its for a reason, even if its to die. Some of us dont even take a second breathe, others die giving birth, and that one of the most beautiful testiments of gods love, and one of his most difficult tests. Death at times seem to casual, and it is. Breathing should be easier, but to take it all in and let it out, its to much most of the time. Any pain is significant. Tragidy towers and looms. the secret is stand on the edge of life and try to get the hang of it, its hard to fall with so many angels around, keep a prayer in your heart. Some say life is prison. some say death is freedom. To be at all should be enough. God ask for a day and a word, which we are suppose to hold priceless. But we even sleep with ergency, yet the lord pays a penny for a thought. We are, but human. But still he loves us. How is great my god? There is none greater. Hallieluyah, praise God    

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