Spell Caster

Rewrite of Kiss' Plaster Caster


Baby, don't make me laugh

Do you see me

Getting even a bit anxious

All nervous and bent out of shape

Honey, the hour's getting late

And the night of your last chance to impress

It's almost over

Too long you really did wait

When they did't have to be

You made things

So damn confusing

Too much complicating

My love you had

Right there in the palms of your hands

So why so long

Too long

Did you keep me waiting

Hanging on a promise

I just don't understand





The going's getting harder

And our love is slowly

Losing its perfection

Want back my token of love

Now that I know about your other collection

Yeah, your other collection


Spell caster

Losin' hold of me

Faster and faster

Well if you had really wanted my love

Why did you have to play with her

Play with her


And now it's just too heavy

Like I'm wearing an eternal plaster

And yeah I gotta say goodbye now Mister Cheater

And now you'll have the time

All the time you want in the world

To lie to her

Lie to her

Same as you lied once to me


Chorus 2X


A spell caster

You thought you were

Until the magic started to come undone

Faster and faster

And now never again will I listen

When you call my name

Cause of my heart you're no longer master, master




2013 Ramona Thompson






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