My Grown Up Christmas Wish List

As children
We ask for toys
Ponies and puppies
But then we grow up
And start to see
The world for
The mess
That it is
And start to wish
For things
A bit different
So here it is
My grown up
Christmas wish list
I wish for
A sense
Of peace
To those
Who have none
For all the homeless
Children to have
Good food to eat
Have warm clothes
A roof over
Their heads
And shoes on
Their feet
I wish for
No more wars
To tear families apart
I wish gun violence
Would finally be
Nothing but
A thing of the past
I wish for no more
Abused animals
And no more
Shelters killing them
Just for the room
I wish society
Would stop
Being so selfish

And start thinking
About others
Instead of just themselves
Yes this is my
Grown up Christmas wish list

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