My scars being open  
You just pour more alcohol  
My heart's just been sunken.   
You stand up all tall.  
 My mind dreading the love I felt.  
You contemplating the hate for me.   
Watching my feelings all just melt.
While you just keep living on with glee.  
My body weary and in need of your love.   
But you can't see what's happening above.   
Me trying to fly like a dove.   
You can't even keep your hands off them gloves.   
My understanding being of a simple mind.   
Yours of a thousand complications. 
We can't just leave it all behind.  
Not when you have all them accusations.   
My mind racing of all possibilities
You come up and count opportunities.   
Me, always in worry.   
You come out & say you're sorry.
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