Let's Keep Going..

The fact of knowing you’re still here, I’m amazed and blessed, my dear

All the time that we share, you’re always there, and show you care

The way you look, and smile I see, my heart beats fast, I can’t believe

How we grow, together we know, what we want in life, it’s so


Day after day, life’s this way, it’s fine OK, what do you say

The little things, you do so well, makes me happy, I can till

I hold tight to dreams and wishes, to come alive, I’m ambitious

It’s who I am, every day, living my life, I’ve had my strikes


Let’s keep going, do our best, that’s how I feel, I can’t rest

Feelings felt, deep inside, because of you, I’m lifted high

I’ll always be there, like you for me, the way it is, that I see

This is life, as we know, live and love, let it show..    


dm  copywrite 2013

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