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Bridgend, S.Wales

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I live in Wales and was born here. However, I resided in Leicester for 16 years and returned to Wales in 1988. I love poetry, and I am taking art classes, which I find very interesting too. Poetry to me means I can express my feelings very effectively also my ideas and innovations. Rather than sheets of A4 paper. Although some of my poetry is lengthy.

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I have Crohns disease and have received a few operations, so my navel is scarred.

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I like to read the poems on this site, I don't have a favourite poet or authour. However, I have great fun composing my own poetry: you can sum up so many points of view articulately and in brief; amazing I think. My hobbies are poetry and Art; last week we painted a scene entitled Bluebell Wood, next week The Beach.


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