My Christmas Wish This Year

I have a Christmas Wish,

a Chistmas wish for this year.


It's a grown up Christmas wish.


There's just one thing

on this Christmas wish.


When I'm asked

what I want for Christmas,

there's just one thing

that goes through my mind.


What you don't know,

is that Santa already

knows what I

want for Christmas- You!


I want to say,

Don't be surprised when

Santa comes through

your window,

and puts you in a sack!


Bringing you to me!


That is my Christmas Wish,

I want you.


I want you to want me.

To need me.

To desire me.

To keep thinking of me.

To want to hold me in your arms!!



Yes, that's what my Christmas wish is!


I want us to be together,

be a couple.



It's my grown up Christmas wish.


You're the one thing

in this Christmas wish.



Oh please, oh please Santa.


Please bring me this Christmas wish!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About this guy I work with. I've fallen hard for him, and flirt with him at work, but I don't know for sure whether he feels the same way!!

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I think Santa made a mistake,

I think Santa made a mistake, cuz last night, I was placed into a bag and I had to fight the old guy off from the inside. Luckily I escaped. Don't worry, I left him in pretty good condition so there's still a chance he will bag your guy and get him to ya. ;)  (Your poem made me laugh out loud. Thanks!)

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Haha, Well thanks! I hope he

Haha, Well thanks! I hope he can! Cute response!