Beautifully Undefined

Beautifully Undefined

You must focus I'd say but I am she'd reply

Make up your mind but I'm not confused

It's madness but only to you she'd say

Look see how the sky meets the land

One is blue the while the other green

In the day but not at night she laughed

The grass or the tree I screamed then I'll be a vine

And so it went for most of our days happy though

Somewhere in between could never define her

Did you ever follow a river down to the sea

To discover how it seems lost there just as it arrives

Where the water divides and is teaming with life

How being a river or the sea there depends on the tide

Not one or the other but both and neither too

So I discovered that some birds dive and some fish fly

But of course I already knew like the estuary you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The tide of her came slowly in while I was in my mourning coffee cup on the anniversary of her passing day and carried me inland past the diving birds and the flying fish to a new place along the shore the sky from black to blue through many colors did go and while I was looking up she stole away back to sea and  left me here at the edge of the rockey moutains like a sea shell on the sand 

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