Distant spires

Formed of glistening

Glass, carefully 

Pieced together.

Tall crystal pillars

Reaching into the sky,

Latticework of ice

Frames and strengthens

The whole.


Viewed from afar,

The gleaming 


Look firm, 


Capable of weathering

Any storm,

Able to withstand

Any earthquake.


Upon closer inspection,

Flaws are seen,

More is revealed.

Glistening glass becomes

Crystallized breaks,

Branching out within

The pillars, catching

The light, brittle 

In the sun.

Tall spires become

Jagged, broken spikes,

Edges sharp and 


Standing ready to impale

The sky upon them

Should it fall. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Construction of a mind is not easy, there will be mistakes made and judgemental errors along the way. Even when broken though, it is still beautiful.

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"...standing ready to impale the sky upon them..." The encounter with this image leaves me breathless - The poem is am intriguing portrait of the evolving mind. - Lady A