From ever old in the holy Bhagwat Gita

Hindus and Buddhists talk about karma

The Christains talk about deeds

And there were some bad seeds

It’s called te by the Taoists

Karma by the Buddhists

Islam says before you do Allah knew it 

He makes it happen He gets the credit

Other spiritual beings talk about virtue

So you see karma is really nothing new

These are different words for the same thing

Depends on how well you do the handling

Millions of people have heard about karma

And millions welcomed it in their dharma

And millions of people believe in karma

Remember the wise teachings of Sai Baba

Milllions of desperate people want to clear their bad karma

Some are arrogant they even want to face their own mensa

The farmer works hard, his crops grow

But you cannot reap what you don’t sow

So not to make your karma comes back to bite you

Do good karma don’t bite more than you can chew


You look around the world and see suffering

Keeping all the pharmaceuticals humming

Omitting all the  drugs on the lists

Admistered by so-called specialists.

Forgetting karma plays a giant role

When Karma ready to take its toll

Trace the folks who murder and kill

Lives in every corner where they spill

Generals and soldiers hired to kill

Going  to war to avenge their thrill

Innocent lives all in the name of wars

Leaving long tears and indelible scars

And really what happened to them

Doctors can’t solve their problem

Because cancers have no cure here

For Karma stifling them with fear


Leaders of our nations so hypocrytical

Politicking for gains and so darn political

Crushing small natons on their way up

Smashing the underlings to get to the top

But the tears and suffering goes to the ether

And they have to pay for neglecting a brother

When you steal and rob your fellow man

Someway, sometime you have to understan’

Your turn will come when you have to pay

On earth you got away or you may say nay

But you can’t escape the long arm of Karma

No matter if you pray to Jesus, Ram or Allah

Those who preach about love and justice

Turning his head like a praying mantis

Yet like squeeezing flies to get the fat

Pretending to be a governmental jurat

Making many boo-boos calling it errors

Dumping it on the lap of poor taxpayers

And you thinking you’re smart

With just a few emotional wart

Bleeding the system and even thinking

You got away from all the confronting

Useless despite your prayers and a bhajan

Karma is coming for God is not a Bajan








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