Take The Time To Teach The Future Well

You are born
In essentially
Then grow up
To fear more
Than you
Believe in
Tell me world
Where is the
And point
In that
Of being fearful
We should be
To be strong
And to be proud
Of not just
Being one
In a million
But one
In a billion
Because you
Never know
When one child
Will grow up to be
That one in a billion
Everyone looks up to
So when it comes
To the younger
Take the time
To teach them well
For they are the future
We have to
Look forward to

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    What a wonderful message



What a wonderful message in this poem; I couldn't agree with you more. Shame many education systems don't see it this way, for each of us to be the best at what we can do should definately be taught for the future. Loved your poem interesting read.