Take Me Tracy


my darkest hours will be my last days

but for this day i prayed

to have you as my wife Ill never walk away

i stare at your face

and gaze into your eyes a better life i see

you and me im suprise 

holding your hand our palms connects

kissing your lips i gently press

holding your body as i flex

ignoring my phone as it recieve texts

you see the respect now you want sex

i pleas you scream i eat you cream

take me with you baby i love you by all means

dont leave me behind ill have terrible dreams

RTM will bully me and tag team

tracy baby is your name

but without the Horton

your name will remain the same 

baby i love you i want you to have my ladt name

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in love with tracy and dobt want her to leave and want her to carry my last name

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Marriage As An End

Nice to hear someone laud marriage. Nice ~Allets~