Burn Bitch Burn

Rewrite of Kiss' song by the same name


Well you may have had him once

In your flying pan

But I've got him now

Forever in my fire

Cause you would't bend over baby

Let your lover

Be the driver

Cut out the seduction pink

Ain't no way

He'll be coming back to you

Don't wanna believe me now

Ooh but it's true

So true

Yeah this babe

Bit off more then I'm gonna let you chew

My my yeah

Just listen to this you dumb babe


He's through with you

And all your nasty habits

Once too often

Crossed that do cross line

So many guys

So many lies

Where, oh where did you ever

Find the time

When your last loser lover

Reared his ugly little head

Ooh that was when you lost

Lost your case

Ooh baby don't you wish

You have never let another

Put his log in your fireplace

Maybe baby

If you'd been smarter

Cheated a little more clever

You would't have got played


Ooh so how does it feel to

Burn bitch burn

Ooh yeah tell me

Are you stravin' for love?

Are you dying of thrist?

How do you feel when you

Burn bitch burn

Made such a cruel deposit

If I were you

I would't be expectin' anytime soon

For him to return


Well it was an act of breakin' thrust

Took his heart

And sliced right through it

Broke him

With not sticks and stones

But extramartail moans and groans

Till no more could he take it

So why kid yourself?

He's ever gonna come back

All feeling once held so precious

All feeling has died

Your affair is comdenemed

Baby, he ain't gonna listen again

To your bitter lie


Ain't no excuse for your sorry ass

So pitful

How you sit there even now and beg

Honey, why don't you go wag that tail

Between some other bozo's legs

Ain't no one here willing

To stick their nose in it

Or suck your face

Oh yeah

Not tryin' to be cruel

Just telling ya girl

Not to be steppin' outta your place


Well, Hell and all its angels are stacked againest you

Burnin' every last one of your bridges

All your chances are blown

You and him are so through

Ooh girl, poor crybaby bitch

Now what ya

Yeah,  now what ya

What ya gonna do


2013 Ramona Thompson

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