Lori's Poem



Lori dear, I’m sincere, hear my words, have no fear..


Well, my friend, your time has come, now your leaving us, for sun and fun..


A lit’ jealous, that I am, just go on, I see you grinin..


It’s been fun, our time together, it went so fast, nothing last..


I remember, back in the day, you were the secretary, it was that way..


Even dispatch, you did that to, you did a great job, that’s so true..


Oh yes, back in those days, you wore a dress, you looked OK..


Then to inspector, Mod 3 for a while, welcome to construction, you know it was wild..


On to the contract team, it was Mod 2, you got it done, now your through..


Senior Inspector, you did it well, taking care of business, we could tell..


All the jobs, you made it through, and even had time, for a lit’ fun too..


Work and work, work some more, going through life’s changes, that’s for sure..


Here at the Annex, you will be missed, Don’t forget Big Daddy, he’s lookin for that kiss..


All in fun, we’ll miss your smile, that and more, your great style..


Thirty five years, have come and gone, look at you, still going strong..


We’ll still be here, we’ll have it covered, take care my friend, you just endeavor..


Good luck, farewell, get on your way, don’t you worry, have a great day..


Peace, love, happiness too, these three words, I’m wishing you..


Always take care,



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