Night Wishes

It’s 11:11 and I’m wishing for you


But from the tips of my fingers to the bottoms of my shoes


I know it’s a bad wish and it won’t come true


Because you’re miles away, and I’m miles away too


The smell of your shirt’s at the end of fate’s queue


And I just wanted to know if you knew


That baby, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do


To be just a little bit closer to you


I’d crawl through red deserts; I’d swim through fresh glue


I’d dance through a fire that burned red and blue


I’d eat shards of glass till there’s nothing to chew


I’d drive a nail through my skin, or a rivet, or a screw
I’d run so fast the neighbors would think that I flew


I’d run till the day rose and then rose anew


I’d run through the nights until morning dew


I’d run till the dawn brought its orange red hue


I’d run till I’d lost one or both of my shoes


I’d run, and I’d run, and I’d run, and I’d run, and I’d run, and I’d run, and I’d run


If it brought you back to the top of fate’s queue


If it could possibly make my wishes come true


If it brought me back home, if it brought me to you


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