My Own Worst Enemy

The greatest pain that can be felt -  torture of the mind

It hurts to hurt the ones I love, torturing till end of time


Time is said to heal all things - to mend a shattered soul

It breaks my heart to break apart and ponder on the times of old


Thoughts of gorey homicide and plans of gruesome sin

It's sick how sick I've made myself - and sicker more to grin


Forgivness is left up to me - let go and live my life

I want to want what I do not and not avenge my pain by knife!

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Dove was right. Well written

Dove was right. Well written sir. So often we are our biggest problem.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Yep... She's a great poet! Thanks super much for checking me out and thanks even MORE for leaving a comment

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    Forgiveness is the answer



Forgiveness is the answer I am sure, revenge is so self perpertrating. Realy good poem, describes well your emotions and decisions to be made, in order to move on.