Men Are Creatures That Just Aren't Right

Rewrite of Kiss' Creatures of The Night


Helpless in the darkness

Deadbeats run away

When it comes to child support payment day

Love you today

They'll be lying to you 

By tomorrow

Some might even claim to be gay

Just to avoid the title of baby daddy

Never ever become their victims

In a weak moment

Could put your future deep in doubt

Lying in a whisper

Until we stronger women start to shout!


Men are creatures that just aren't right

Just not right

Men are creatures

Just not right,  hey!


Somehow we must

Stop giving in to their maddness

Why the hell aren't we more busy

Spitting out their lies

Always evading a straight answer

Gentlemen, just keep your phony alibis

Don't know where you think you're going

Just know where you ain't never gonna be

In our beds tonight

Remember when this Cinderella's clock strikes 12

The princess not the prince will be

The one that wins




Wallowing in the darkness

Running from every respondsabilty

Hiding from tomorrow

Ladies, what else can we say?

We must gather up our courage

Get ready for the fight

Resist their macho male

Howling in the shadows

Don't be so afraid of that wereman's bite



Men are creatures that just aren't right

Men are creatures that just aren't right

Yeah, men are creatures that just arent' right




2013 Ramona Thompson

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