hell ride

and here we go

Landing in the hands of evil from birth

Still little still young still trying to find the reason we gotta be on this earth

Grown up bein told to believe without question

Just kno every bad day bad deed and bad seed is a lesson

Follow in steps stay in the lines the box keeps u safe from

Any and all harm

That man kills and rapes but hes insane he has no control let him out feed him meds it brings out his charm 

Ppl can be evil some a lil crazy We're born all the same but we see so differently

Ive done no crime felt no hate but fall in love with a liar a cheat a snake 

Live so kind see only light but get fucked over cuz eve took that 1 bite

Left for dead but still we pray and we hope that at the end were forgivin and rise in the light

Time goes on and still no answer, just remember you'll be lost if ur bad behaved

God is good and his people are saved. 

But wen that innocent little girl is tourchured and publicly killed we thank God, u kno it culdve been worse. 

Question and wonder fill in the box then fill outside cuz ull come to kno this world is evil its doomed and set with curse

Live for today live while ur young love everything and everyone cuz life is to short to waste..

Oh yeah just keep in mind ur loved ones change and die, all those memories youve made will fade and all those people u thought u saved soon turn soon sin soon kill again

From the moment ur born left with unanswered questions 

 U dont ask anything more outa fear that ur curiosity is sin

none born insane none born deranged

Through out our lives we see power in hate get want u want if u show ur in raged

these games and movies even songs we here bring out in us a psychopath and yet we cheer

 But then again we are made in his image. Culd this be it the answer we've been looking for? Has evil won battle , maybe we were just an alien experiment, or maybe our free will is that of his as well he questions and is left confused. 

We dont ask because were scared, scared that there will be no answer , scared that there is an end. That our journey is over and death is our friend. So I say farewell to all its been 1 hell of a ride. Who will b there wen all is lost , who will be left to stand tall with pride in the ashes and dust?




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