that giddy feeling laced with thick dread!

giddy as hell

I dont know up from down

i just want to tiptoe on the clouds

but im afraid to fall down


could it really be you?

will you have seen all I have been up to?

I shudder to think

wracked with nerves and desperation

the clues are fierce they are fighting in my heart

thumping the walls for realisation!


I am too scared to think

I cant move

will you know too much?

I am frozen


one or two me or you

us or ours

then or now?


I am running the reasons and the excuses

crossing my heart

could this be our moment

or have we been simply

found out?


ardous agony bring me peace

hold my apprehension

and blow me gently a kiss


i never meant to hurt you

but I will never say Im sorry

kill me

love me

I cant pull either of you out of my heart.


yours sincerely,

Nervewwracking Exhillaration!



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