Christmas (nonsense poem)




Oh how I hate Christmas.

Years and years of hate built up.

No presents for me.

Not a single lump of coal in sight.

Christmas is only another day to me.

If you were me,

You would see,

Why I indeed,

Hate Christmas.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nonsense poem. Oh how I do write a lot of these. This is just nonsensical in any way. But alas. I suffer another year without presents. Not even a lump of coal for being bad. No presents. No coal. Nothing.

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Just Another One

Well, it's the 24th and no one's called,
no one wrote this year, the dog died,
and I got fired. Again.
The bank called. Can't imagine why.
If anyone knew my balance, it's them.
December is cold this year. They are all
cold as far back as I can feel.
Why do godheads have birthdays?
I never celebrate mine. Got a card
from a relative sixteen years ago.
I feel mangered and strawed,
oxened and seraphimed most days.
But not on Christmas. On Christmas
I just feel alone.
Lady A



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Such a sad story to tell.

Such a sad story to tell.

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~